Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We've had a pretty fun weekend. Nathan and I tagged along with Mom on Friday and Saturday to a wedding that my brother was in. Nathan had an amazing time, he got to dance with the bride and caught the prize (i.e. the garter). =)
Yesterday and today have been lazy days. Today NACH, dad, and I went fishing! We actually did pretty good, though I haven't tried to take a fish off the hook...I'm to darn scared!

Here are some pics from the weekend. The towns where the wedding and reception were just too cute! I've got to go back and take some more shots!

A covered bridge! Y'all don't even know how excited I was for this! (Small things in life I guess.) ;)

Church where the wedding was, along with Mom and NACH

NACH sporting that deer caught in the headlights look! =)

Friday night while everyone else was at the rehearsal dinner NACH and I drove out to the lake! (He looks like he has a black eye, due to his allergies poor thing!)

Right before he got in trouble for having that dirty hand near his mouth, I know he is all boy.

I have been watching John and Kate plus 8 throughout the weekend. I can't wait for the season premier! What do y'all think, is all this cheating business really just publicity?? Kate always seemed so bossy so who knows...