Friday, February 13, 2009

Well surprisingly today has been a pretty good Friday the 13th. I had my follow up appointment for my knee surgery and had my stitches removed. Unfortunately, I have some fluid built up on my knee so I still have to be easy on it. I was going to try Zumba with some girlfriends, but he nixed that idea, he said I needed to wait until he saw me back in two weeks. Speaking of Zumba has anyone tried it?
My mother went shopping with N. and I today for Valentines presents and cards. She got the cutest salt and pepper shakers today.

Are these not perfect for summer meals on the porch. :) She also gave me an early Valentine's Day gift, a cute recipe/takeout menu organizer. This is the ideal gift for me considering the fact I am always printing off recipes, especially those from Weight Watchers Wednesday.
I also took N. to get his hair cut (I'm sure if y'all have seen my recent pictures the boy was in need of a major trim!) ;) I also squeezed in an eyebrow waxing, that to was needed too...badly!
I am nervously awaiting Diane Sawyers 2020 tonight, "A Hidden American: Children of the Mountains. I am always weary when people show the Appalachian Mountains. There are hardly ever any positive views. I wish they would show how it really is, instead of finding the few people that fall under the horrible stereotypes.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday the 13th!