Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Little Bee

I have been super busy lately. This past week and this next week and a half was/is my solo week for student teaching.
I am so happy that my Monday night television lineup is back. I was having major withdraws. I am wondering what is up with this... This was a shot from today shoot of G.G. Is anyone else as curious as I am to find out what this is all about?
I am also excited One Tree Hill is back. I have cried for almost the entire episode. (No suprise considering I am a big crier, but oh well.)

Oh yes, I went ahead and pre-ordered this... I cannot wait to get my Rob Pattinson fix! ;)

Well off to get my lessons ready for tomorrow!


capperson said...

I cried pretty much all of One tree hill also. What do you think is going to happen from here?

S. said...

Wow, we are one in the same! I have not seen OTH yet, I will watch in online later. And I missed the last 20 min of GG. Oh well...can't wait to Twilight!

Christine said...

I can't decide what I think about that GG plotline. I hate this whole bizarre chuck/secret club stuff. and blair looked so gorgeous on monday's episode. can't wait to go get my twilight tomorrow!!