Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tomorrow me and some girlfriends are taking a little shopping trip. I'm so excited to spend the day with my great friends!
In other news I am super excited for Tuesday when our 44th President will be sworn into office. I have been a huge fan and supporter of President elect Obama from day 1. I really think he will do wonders for our country.
It excites me that N's first President he will see be inaugurated is Barack Obama. Grant it he is only three years old, but he already can spot Obama anywhere. I think this shows that we as Americans can be whatever we want to be if we set our minds to it. I feel that this is a wonderful example for my son. That even if you do not come from the "conventional" background you can be what you want if you set your mind to it! So needless to say I had to order N. some souvenirs from the event. :)
Well I better get in bed so I can be well rested for tomorrow!